Bowen for Paws - About Beth
Beth with one of her clients

After 16 years in the public sector, I wanted a change of career but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. My husband had qualified as a Bowen Technique Therapist and had mentioned there was a canine version. I was really intrigued in the possibility of a holistic, gentle way of helping and working with dogs.

I decided to explore the possibility of working with dogs using the Canine Bowen Technique, (CBT) on doing so, I found the European Guild of Canine Bowen Therapists (EGCBT). In order to qualify as a CBT practitioner, I needed to qualify as a human Bowen Technique therapist. This is where my Bowen journey started and I qualified as a human Bowen Technique practitioner in June 2017 with the College of Bowen Studies and then went on to qualify in the CBT with the EGCBT in June 2018.

I have always loved dogs, having grown up with them and owning or being owned by them for most of my life, so finding a technique that is gentle and holistic that may improve a dog’s quality of life, was an amazing find, and as I have always been interested in the holistic approach, it made complete sense for me to train in this wonderful technique.

My husband was owned by a Border Collie, who suffered with arthritis. To see how he responded to the holistic therapies was truly amazing, it definitely improved his quality of life, after he passed over the Rainbow Bridge and when the time was right, we decided to get another Border Collie. After a few weeks we were chosen by our current Border Collie, he definitely gave meaning to ‘one girl and her dog’. He is my ‘Heart’ dog, my shadow, the inspiration for my logo and the reason for training and qualifying in the Bowen Technique and the Canine Bowen Technique.

I am now a partner in Bowen in Motion with my husband Peter, we are based in Bicester, Oxfordshire. You can find us at I thoroughly enjoy working in our clinic, I love meeting people from all walks of life and seeing them leave after treatment with a bounce in their step and feeling more alive.

Working with dogs, continue to amaze, humble and teach me. They are the most amazing creatures.

Finding the CBT is a dream come true and a job I truly love to do.

I am a full member of the following professional organisations:
* College of Bowen Studies (C.B.S)
* Canine Bowen Technique Association (CBTA)

Full C.B.T.A membership means that I am fully qualified and insured as a CBT practitioner and abide by the EGCBT / CBTA Code of Conduct and Ethics and develop my skills with continual professional development every year.