Canine Bowen Treatment (CBT) will either be in your home or from October 2020 at our new premises near Bicester.

Before I arrive, I will request you complete a questionnaire so that I have some background knowledge about your dog. During the consultation, I will go through the questionnaire and discuss in more detail what the problems and issues are.

A typical consultation will be approximately an hour, during this time and while I get to know more about you and your dog, your dog can start to grow comfortable and feel relaxed around me. The actual hands-on part of the session will usually last no more than 20 minutes, your dog will be treated on the floor and will be free to move around & behave naturally throughout the session.

The time we spend discussing the problems or issues, your dog may be experiencing, is a great way of calming your dogs before any treatment begins. Sometimes on the first appointment, there will need to be time to allow your dog to accept and trust me. For very nervous dogs, most of the first Canine Bowen Technique session, may well be spent solely on developing their trust and building a relationship, with no hands-on or very little Bowen work done. However, after getting comfortable with the Canine Bowen Technique, most dogs will want it more and more, and many will come over and position themselves to indicate where they’d like the work doing.

As part of the assessment of your dog, I may ask you to walk or trot your dog up and down as this will help me assess their movement. if your dog is comfortable with it, I may take a video / photo of their posture and movement.

After this, I will gently examine your dog with my hands, making sure they are happy to be touched & where they are happy to be touched. All this takes a little time, because the dog needs to feel comfortable and relaxed about the situation and what is going on. This information will then help to monitor changes that have taken place between treatments and gauge how the dog is progressing.

Once I feel the dog is happy for things to proceed, I will apply the Canine Bowen Technique, a gentle rolling type motion, using fingers and thumbs on precise points on the dog’s body, this is done slowly and with gentle pressure, which will disturb the underlying tissue and create a focus for the brain to work on. Although it may not look like I am doing anything, the effects of the gentle rolling motion are extremely powerful. Throughout the treatment, I will always be observing the dog’s reaction.

During the treatment session, there will be short intervals determined either by the dog or by myself, it is during these breaks that dogs feel the changes happening in their bodies. Dogs are much more in tune with their bodies than humans and generally know themselves when to “take a break”, and when to come back for more. Often, after just a few moves, they will wander off and just stare blankly into space or go somewhere for a short lie-down.

During the hands-on part of the treatment, I will ask you to sit quietly or if required, talk very gently to me, this is the time for you and your dog to relax to enjoy the treatment.

Canine Bowen Technique is never forced on the dog – this will only serve to make the dog less receptive and will be counter-productive to the outcome.

An important part of Canine Bowen Technique is recognising and respecting when the dog has indicated they have received what they need.

The welfare and comfort of the dog is of paramount importance at all times during a Canine Bowen Technique session.

You will need to contact your veterinary practice before any treatment commences as it will be necessary to have a veterinary referral form completed and signed by your vets. Please contact me for a Vet Referral Form.

Canine Bowen Technique is not a substitute for veterinary treatment andshould be used in conjunction with conventional veterinary treatment.

Canine Bowen Technique practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they prescribe or alter medication.